Africafe Zanzibar Spice Ground Coffee 250 grams


Africafe Zanzibar Spice Ground Coffee 250 grams

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Zanzibar Spices Story

Cloves were introduced here in 1818, and flourished in the tropical climate and fertile soil of the western areas of both Zanzibar and Pemba. By the middle of the century, the Zanzibar archipelago was the world’s largest producer of cloves, and the largest slave trading center on the East African coast. Slaves were used for the cultivation and harvesting of cloves.
Over time, several other spices such as cinnamon, cumin, ginger, pepper and cardamom were introduced. Their rich fragrance became synonymous with Zanzibar, which became known as the Spice Island. It was said that sailors were greeted by the scent of cloves in the wind as they sailed into the port of Zanzibar.

Find a true African flavor in Africafe. Its genuinely smooth and flavored. It is rich and delightful. Africafe naturally grows on the rich volcanic soils of Mouth Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, which provides idea growth conditions for Arabica coffee.

Zanzibar spice coffee is a blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans and fresh natural cardamom pods peeled from the capsules of the cardamom. Cardamom seeds are ground into powder and blended perfectly with Africafe.

Africafe Zanzibar Spice Coffee’s rich rewarding full bodied taste attest to its claims of purity and natural authenticity.

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